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Finding A Christian Business Opportunity: The God Kind of Business

Many people concentrate on finding A Christian Business Opportunity to help finance their ministry and/or accommodate their beliefs while still enabling them to Earn An Income. Unfortunately, when seeking out a genuine Christian service opportunity, many forget the value of a “great business opportunity” that actually works and can make real money. What should Christians ask themselves when preparing or looking for the right Christian business opportunity?

Asking three specific questions will help the good-hearted believer determine whether or not he should continue to look at a so-called Christian business opportunity.

Christian Business Opportunity

Does the item honor Christ? Evangelical followers think in 2 major commandments: honor the Lord your God with all your heart mind, strength, and soul; and honor your neighbor as yourself. Based upon this single rule, the evangelical believer should not just think of the opportunity, product, or service, but he must think whether it honors Christ. A list of particular products isn’t really important, due to the fact that the individual can identify based upon his own judgment, consultation with other believers, and a contrast of the item with what the Bible states. Certainly the Bible will not say whether to sell a particular item, however it will provide standards which a follower need to use to help him make a reasonable choice. Above all else the the product or service should do no harm to others.

If you can present and sell this product to other followers or believers, you may have actually found an excellent service or product. If you can discover a way for this to make the world a better place, to honor God with the approaches and the product, then you may have actually found a great business income opportunity.

Does the service show Christ in all of its negotiations? Are there any areas that others could consider shady? If so, are they? You should reevaluate the Christian label connected to the “Christian Opportunity” if an individual has to do anything unethical to advance the company. Practice caution, however, in preserving an aura of stability with his business. Honesty is essential. The so-called “Christian” business opportunity need to replicate Christ in its approaches and its product.

A person doesn’t need to market Bibles door-to-door to participate in a Christian Business Opportunity. We should think about precisely what “Christian” implies when we say that we have actually found a terrific “Christian” business. In the New Testament church, the term “Christian” as found in Wikipedia is described simply as a follower of Christ and his teachings. Today it describes just about anyone who believes in the existence of God, regardless of his/her ethical beliefs. We suggest to return to the original significance of this word. Make sure that this company opportunity really does honor Christ if an individual declares to have a Christian company opportunity.

The God Kind of Business

In the search process, unfortunately, many forget the significance of “excellent” business opportunity when seeking out anything with a “Christian” label. If you can find a method for this business to make the world a much better place, to honor God with their techniques and their product, then you may have found an excellent business opportunity.

Don’t forget many people will just add the label “Christian” to their business opportunity to simply sway other Christians. It’s a lame attempt to get you into heir business. Often it is just so they can just make one more Sale. Don’t fall for that trick.

The truth is that Almost Any Business can be a Christian business opportunity. Whether you are a painter, or a dry cleaner, a mechanic, in sales, or you have a Work At Home Business. The real judge of whether yours is a Christian Business is in how YOU conduct your business.

  • Do You Stand Behind Your Product or Service?
  • Are You Honest About What Your Product Does or Doesn’t Do?
  • Do You Do What You Say You Are Going To Do?
  • Do You Actually Fulfill The Promise Of Your Service To Your Clients That You Claim?
  • Are You Truly Trying To Serve and Help Your Customers or is Your business just some Money grab to you?

So keep in mind when trying to Find The Right Christian Business Opportunity to have a product, service or opportunity that helps. Above all else, be sure it doesn’t hurt others. Make sure you don’t have to deal underhandedly to make money in the process. Don’t just Buy An Opportunity because someone labels it Christian.

And Above All Else, No Matter What Your Product, Service, or Opportunity, Make Sure That YOU Conduct YOUR Business in a Christian Manner. One that reflects YOUR beliefs and values.

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